Saturday, 15 May 2010

Scotland Trip 6-8th May

A trip to Perth was made last weekend to visit a friend of mine and John Brown also joined me. We got to Perth just before midday and headed out with Neil Morrison to check some of his tawny owl boxes. We trapped and ringed two adults and four chicks. That evening we checked a few more boxes and trapped a retrap adult from last year with two chicks.

On Saturday morning we went to Scone Palace in the attempt to trap some hawfinch. A mistle trush was trapped on the first net round and only the second to be trapped at the palace in 5 or 6 years that Neil has been ringing there. Unfortunately no hawfinch were trapped. During the afternoon John and I attempted to trap a dipper or grey wagtail on one of the local burns but ended up trapping a kingfisher which was a nice surprise. The evening was spent with Neil has his friend Colin up a glen searching for short-eared owl nests. One nest was located however the female sat tight which presumably meant that she was still incubating.

Sunday morning Neil, John and I headed back upto the glen in the attempt to trap some crossbills that have been coming to the side of the road for grit infront of one of Neils friends house. We watched upto 15 crossbills land in the trees next to the road and two birds flew into the net and then got out. Eventually a juvenile female did fly into one of the nets and stayed. Several siskin, chaffinch, swallow and willow warbler were also trapped.
Thanks to Neil and Colin for allowing us to visit and take advantage of all your hard work monitoring nests.

Juvenile female crossbill

Ade with crossbill

John with tawny owl chick

Ade with 'The Killer' tawny owl

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