Sunday, 24 July 2011


After over a year working in northern Scotland I am returning to Newcastle and able to help John with the running of the bird ringing at Souter Bird Obs. I have missed the ringing there, although ringing in Scotland this summer was amazing with several broods of raptors being ringed. I cant wait for the autumn migration!!

Here are a few pics of the birds ringed in Scotland.

Male Merlin (c) Katie Lloyd
Me with a large Osprey chick (c) Adrian George

2 Male Peregrines (c) Adrian George


  1. Great photos Adrian. Bet that was a great experience! I'm Jack Bucknall and I'm a trainee ringer with chris redfern and I was interested in trying to ring storm-petrels. How would I get involved in that? I understand there is a site in Whitburn? My e-mail address is

  2. Hi Adrian, I'm looking forward to you're return so I can really get stuck into the training. John has been absolutely superb and I really cant wait to get started officially with yourself. Roll on the autumn!!!

  3. Hi jack, Sorry for the late reply. Yes there is a storm petrel ringing happening at whitburn by John Brown and myself, however we have finished for the season now. We will continue next year in june. If you want to come down to the obs and say hello your more than welcome. There should be someone ringing there most weekends until mid November.