Friday, 14 October 2011

14th October - It just gets better!!

Andy and I got to Whitburn Coastal Park early again this morning and got the nets up whilst it was still dark.   The first net round produced several blackbirds and looked good for catching quite a few thrushes. It was soon apparent that unlike yesterday there were no other thrushes present.  The red-flanked bluetail was re-trapped four times and I made the decision to move the bird to where it was found yesterday for the bird's welfare.  It showed well on and off for most of the afternoon.  I wonder if it will be around tomorrow.  Over the day a total of three yellow-browed warblers were trapped which was brilliant.  It seemed like there were many yellow-browed warblers in the big mound all morning.  I would easily say that there were at least twice that number moving through the mound today.  In the afternoon, a surprise was a woodcock that was trapped in the Arc.  Two adult male bramblings were trapped in the afternoon.  On the roost an adult male sparrowhawk was trapped, it was a retrap and was ringed in the coastal park in 2008.  Blackbirds made up the bulk of the birds trapped with a total of 66 trapped.  A total of 88 birds were ringed today.

Ringed species include 66 blackbirds, 6 chaffinch, 3 yellow browed warblers and goldcrest, 2 song thrush, brambling and blackcap, plus singles of coal tit, great tit, blue tit and chiffchaff.

Retraps included 3 blackbirds, 2 great tits, and singles red-flanked bluetail, robin, blue tit, chiffchaff, wren and sparrowhawk.

Red-flanked bluetail © Adrian George

Sparrowhawk © Adrian George


  1. Good to meet you yestday.
    A couple of images, including a nice one of the Bluetail in the bush :-

  2. Cheers Steve, good to meet you too. Can I add you woodcock pics onto the obs blog please?