Saturday, 29 September 2012

27th September

After the excitement of yesterday I decided to take the day off as holiday from work to go ringing.  Nets were open an hour before sunrise however it was soon apparent that there were fewer birds in the Big Mound.  The winds shifted during the night to northerly and was fairly clear so was expecting birds to move on.  The first few net rounds produced a handful of robins and song thrushes including some retraps from yesterday and a retrap garden warbler, so clearly some birds had remained to feed up.  The best bird of the day goes to a common redpoll.  Other birds trapped included goldcrest (3), chiffchaff (2), robin (2), whitethroat (1), sedge warbler (1), chaffinch (4), dunnock (1), goldfinch (1), blackcap (1), blue tit (1) and song thrush (6).

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