Saturday, 20 October 2012

Finally a Barred!

A number of barred warblers have been found along the south shields coast recently however none have made it into the Big Mound.  A barred warbler was located on the otherside of the road from Souter Lighthouse where there are a number of net height sycamore and alder bushes.  We put a net up and it wasnt long before the barred warbler along with a robin, a retrap blackbird and dunnock was found in the net.  This barred warbler was the third ringed for the site following birds in 2009 and 2010.  It is a bird that John has long been waiting for as I ringed the first and john's trainer - Graham ringed the second.  There was a variety of other species trapped including more tits, finches, goldcrests and the third bullfinch for the site.

Ringing totals for the day was 47 and included, 12 long-tailed tits, 6 greenfinch, 5 lesser redpoll, 4 blue tit, 3 goldcrests, 3 chaffinch, 3 goldfinch, 2 blackbird, 2 great tit, 2 coal tit and singles of robin, dunnock, barred warbler, chiffchaff and bullfinch.

barred warbler (c) Dougie Holdon 

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