Sunday, 23 February 2014

Woodland management

The Coastal Conservation Group have joined up with the ringing team to undertake some much needed woodland management.  An excellent team of volunteers have planted hundreds of native trees within the coastal park and one of these areas is within the horse shoe of the Big Mound.  The area has been fenced of with a new fence line. The woodland within the Big Mound has become overgrown and unsuitable for trapping birds.  Over the past few years the ringing group and volunteers have been removing trees and reducing the height of other trees with great success. This weekend a team were out reducing the height of roadside plantation.

Photos below are from this winter and show the great work of the ringing group and CCG.

Thank you to all of those that have helped with habitat management in and around the coastal park.

 New fence line on the southern edge of the Big Mound.

 Tree planting on the southern edge of the Big Mound.

Woodland management with Dougie, Jason and Harry © Jaye Louise Scott

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