Monday, 20 February 2012

Owl ringing

I have been taking full advantage of trying to catch the short eared owls on my local site when the weather has been good.  I went down on Friday evening and put up three nets.  Although the owls were out hunting I had not caught after three hours so went home.  Last night the wind looked like it was going to calm down so Jason and I headed back over for what may be our last attempt for the owls this winter.  340 foot of netting was erected and we waited.  A short eared owl was observed flying over the net twice before sunset so I had high hopes that we might catch this bird after dark, however this was not the case and we didnt catch any shorties.  We did catch a fine looking immature female barn owl.  A new species for Jason so he left the evening very happy.

barn owl © Adrian George

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