Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Whitburn Ringing Group

When I started ringing at Whitburn back in 2008, it was just John Brown and myself plus John's trainer who turned up for a weeks ringing holiday every October.  Since then I have taken on two trainees and the ringing team is growing.  We therefore decided it would be a good idea to start a ringing group, headed by John's Trainer and myself.  We had initially requested the 'Souter Ringing Group', however this was too similar to an already formed group so we opted for the 'Whitburn Ringing Group'.  Hopefully the group will continue to grow over the years and provide good ringing coverage on the east coast around Whitburn and Sunderland.

We have already gone from ringing out the back of cars to having a security container that acts as our ringing base.  There are future plans to build a permanent building at the Big Mound and relocate the security container at the south end of the coastal park for when the trainees get their C permits.

As spring is only around the corner we look forward to a good years ringing as the Whitburn Ringing Group.

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