Monday, 5 March 2012

Last owl session of the winter

During last week the weather forecast for Sunday looked very good for ringing, however by Saturday it had all changed.  I hoped to still get out but had to wait for the rain to stop which was not until 1500.  I spent the morning staring out of the window.  I got to Prestwick Carr just after 1520 and set the nets with a work colleague.  Two lines of three nets were set in the short-eared owls hunting areas by 1630.  Straight away there was a short-eared owl flying around the netting area.  The bird disappeared so I thought I would have a walk down the road to see where it was.  I was very surprised to see it in the top shelf of the net and only 20min after setting the net.  The bird was aged as an immature born last year and like the other two short ears trapped this year, I expect it is a male on weight.

I had nets up until 2000 however I did not catch anymore owls.  Other birds seen included a cracking peregrine with prey flying over the Carr towards the airport and c45 curlew.  A tawny owl was also heard calling nearby.

© Lisa Russell

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  1. Beautiful, would love to try and catch some myself one day.