Thursday, 22 March 2012


I had a day off work last Friday so decided the only thing to do was to go ringing!  It was a little breezy so I decided to use my new whoosh net that I had bought from the Grampian Ringing Group last November.  It was slow going and I trapped a single robin and dunnock.  I was targeting tree sparrows although they were very wary of the net but I caught one.  The wind dropped so I put up a net and trapped another half dozen sparrows.  I whoosh netted 3 woodpigeons in the afternoon, however the star birds were in the form of a pair of grey partridge that walked over the set whoosh net on to the seed.  I didnt hesitate and fired the net.  I ran over to the net but the birds were jumping and running to the edges of the net, however I managed to bag both birds.  These were only the second and third grey partridge I have ringed in the past 11 years so I was over the moon. Well worth the trip out!!

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