Sunday, 13 May 2012


The spring has been rather unproductive for John this spring at Whitburn.  Near constant northerly winds have meant that few birds have past through the coastal park.  There have been the usual chiffchaff and a handful of willow warblers.  Other warblers such as blackcaps and whitethroats are beginning to return with one male whitethroat returning to the same bush to breed.

Today seemed no different with northwesterly winds forecast, however John being John was at Whitburn by 0600 setting nets.  All his hard work paid off this morning with a cuckoo that was trapped and ringed at 0800.  Lets hope that this may be the start of a few more scarcities this spring.

 (c) Dougie Holdon
(c) Dougie Holdon

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  1. Hi Adrian, great blog and photos!
    I've just ringed my first SEO - hope you pick it up on it's journey south later in the year!
    I'm down in Durham 1st-5th June, if you're around/out ringing I'd love to make it along.
    I'm on e-mail at or Neil has my mobile/home numbers - if you can get in touch that'd be great. Neil's on the Isle of May at the moment - lucky man! Cheers, Dan